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Thank you for your interest in our unique
Allergy Test & Treatment Program

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There are 5 simple steps for a Telemedicine Visit:
(See a doctor via your computer or smart device from your home)

Step One:  Get Started

Click on the "Online Appointment" button below to enter your basic information.  A medical assistant will contact you to obtain your medical information. You will receive an email with intake forms to complete and return. You will then schedule an appointment to meet with a medical provider. 

Step Two: Doctor Visit

You will meet with a medical provider via video conference. The medical provider will review the completed patient allergy questionnaire and your medical history and symptoms.  If appropriate, the medical provider will order your fingerstick test.  The initial telemed consultation is only $59 and can be processed with your debit or credit card.  

Step Three:  Fingerstick Test

The test kit will be mailed to your home. Please view the instructions on how to properly complete the fingerstick test by clicking a button located at the bottom of the welcome screen (a downloadable PDF and/or a video).  You will then:

  • Prick your finger.
  • Mail your blood card to Lab (envelope provided).  
    • Note:  Your provider will mail directly to the lab the following items on your behalf:
      • Medical Provider notes 
      • Completed Patient Questionnaire (that you will complete via telemed)
      • Completed Requisition Form (that you will sign via DocuSign)
      • Insurance Information (front and back of your Medical ID card)

​If you do not have insurance, or if your laboratory services falls under your deductible, then you can pay for the test with the laboratory using your debit or credit card at

Step Four:  Results

Your medical provider will review with you the results of the test (which will also be sent to you).  If the test shows that you have allergies consistent with your medical history, you can elect to receive treatment (by simply brushing your teeth with our unique prescribed toothpaste).  Your medical provider will write the appropriate prescription and send to our compounding pharmacy to fill.  This 2nd telemed consultation is also only $59 and can be processed with your debit or credit card. 

Step Five:  Receive Allerdent Toothpaste

The medical provider will write an individualized oral mucosal immunotherapy (OMIT) prescription for non-food-based allergies and send to the compounding pharmacy.  The pharmacy will call you to verify that you want your customized prescribed toothpaste (a unique prescription designed specifically for you - based on your test results - using FDA approved allergen serum).  You pay the pharmacy and the pharmacy mails the pharmaceutical grade metered pump of Allerdent to your home.  The pharmacy will then automatically mail another 90-day supply to your home for the next three quarters to complete your one-year prescription.  Note:  Each 90-day supply of allergent toothpaste typically costs between $177 - $207 (avg. $59 - $69 a month) - depending upon the number of alergens contained in the prescription.

Note:  We recommend quarterly check-up visits to monitor your progress.  At a minimum, you may want to schedule another fingerstick test in 12 months to review your progress and to receive an updated prescription.  The average OMIT regimen is typically 3-5 years. 

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How to collect a Fingerstick Test
(download PDF)
How to collect a Fingerstick Test
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Payments.  Each medical provider consult is $59 and the test kit is $17 for a total of $135.
The test should be covered by your insurance, but if you do not have insurance, or if you have not met your deductable, then you can pay via